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Getting enough coverage on your projects can take hours and hundreds of phone calls—but it doesn’t have to. With BuildingConnected, you get access to the largest and most accurate construction network, which makes it possible to get bid invites out the door to qualified contractors in less than 10 minutes.  

In our recent webinar, we walked through the power of BuildingConnected’s crowdsourced network, including how you can: 

  • Personalize your search results so that you’re always inviting the right people  
  • Increase your reply rates to get enough coverage on every project 
  • Integrate qualification data when selecting subcontractors to bid 

You can check out the recording here — or, read on for a recap of what we covered.   

Issues with a traditional contact database 

Traditional contact databases (think Excel, Outlook, or even just saving contacts on your smartphone) are static, updated manually, and prone to errors. This contact management method leaves preconstruction teams with inaccurate and outdated contact information when trying to find the right subs for their projects.  

For example, you may have a single subcontractor who works with 5 different general contractors on a regular basis. It’s up to each of those general contractors to keep a record of basic contact information about the sub, and those records are therefore separate.  

So, if a piece of information about the sub is inaccurate or needs to be updated, all the general contractors would need to be aware of the change, and they would all carry the burden of manually updating and maintaining that record in their own respective databases. Plus, they probably won’t find out the contact information is inaccurate until it’s too late.  

Benefits of a crowd-sourced contact database  

BuildingConnected uses the power of crowdsourcing to keep our Builders Network accurate so your team doesn’t have to burn daylight updating contact data. Subcontractors update and maintain their company information themselves. They own their profile: each company manages their own contact info, trades performed, geographic service area, business certifications, and more.  

As soon as any information is edited and verified, it’s automatically updated for everyone on the Builders Network. If something looks off, general contractors can suggest an edit to a subcontractor’s profile to get things updated on their behalf. This makes finding accurate subcontractor information easy and contact information accessible to everyone in the network – making bid management a breeze. 

Exponential growth of the Builders Network  

With a crowdsourced network process, our Builders Network only continues to grow.  

  • Like other online networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook, BuildingConnected is designed to be THE network for all businesses and professionals in commercial construction. 
  • Every time a GC joins the network and invites their subcontractors to bid on a project, the network grows. 

As subs join the network to submit a bid on that project, they can recommend new general contractors to work with them on the network. As those new general contractors join and add their contacts, the network further expands.  

This is how we fostered our thriving Builders Network in North America with over 1 million builders. 

 “BuildingConnected’s network is a living network, compared to so many other databases which are stagnate and outdated,” – Matt Ventimiglia, Director of Preconstruction at Shiel Sexton 

We believe that better relationship management in the preconstruction phase of projects is critical to gaining a competitive advantage in the market today. So, how do you fully harness the power of the Builders Network in your day-to-day workflows?  

Using the network in your bidding process  

Leveraging the Builders Network, BuildingConnected makes bid management streamlined and centralized. It helps owners and GCs discover, invite, and choose the right subs for every project. 

In BuildingConnected, you can see all your active projects, along with the companies you work with. Every company will have their own profile, containing need-to-know information like contact details, work service areas, and more.  

You can also see internal notes that are only visible to your team, like qualification status and reviews from past work.  

If a contact switches jobs, email addresses, or phone numbers, they can update that information in their BuildingConnected profile, rather than having to reach out to every single GC they work with. Or, if you know that a contact has made a change and it isn’t reflected in their profile, you can suggest an edit yourself. BuildingConnected will confirm that edit, then update the profile to reflect the change.   

Let’s say you’re looking for new bidders, rather than managing the subcontractors you already know. You can search for companies by work area, work performed, labor requirements — the list goes on. The Smart Search function in BuildingConnected will list subcontractors by who you’ve invited in the past, who’s been most responsive to bidding invites in the past, qualification status, and how good of a fit they are for the job.  

If a subcontractor isn’t already qualified to work with your company, you can invite them to qualify. Your risk team will manage the qualification process through our qualification solution, TradeTapp, and the subcontractor’s status will flow automatically into BuildingConnected.   

Learn more about BuildingConnected Pro 

Interested in leveraging the power of the Builders Network in your own bidding process? Get in touch for a personalized demo! Or, to watch the full webinar, access the recording here. 

McKenzie Gregory

Content Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions

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