10 Most Popular 2021 On-Demand Construction Webinars

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It’s impossible to know everything about construction, especially as the industry evolves at such a rapid clip. It makes continued learning a path worth following. In fact, whether it’s a single webinar or larger event, skilling up tends to pay off in dividends.

So, whether you’re learning new things yourself, or sending this list to your team, here’s ten of our most popular on-demand construction webinars from all of 2021. As you look through, it’s not surprising that software supporting tighter digital workflows continues to gain steam (as was the case for most industries).

You’ll find a diverse spread of topics relevant to general contractors, subcontractors, and owners. There’s webinars for designers, precon managers, estimators, BIM/VDC specialists, project execs, project managers, field teams, and more.

These webinars are free to watch whenever you have time so make sure to bookmark this article and come back if you don’t have time now. About 15 minutes of each webinar is dedicated to post-presentation discussion so they are actually shorter than they seem at a glance. Lastly, since the topics cover different areas of construction, and are fit for different types of roles, they’re in no particular order.


1. Get More From BIM with Assemble & Autodesk Docs

Best for: BIM Managers, Estimators, and Project Managers

Learn how to get more from BIM in this 45-minute webinar. You’ll learn all about integrating Assemble with your CDE, Autodesk Docs. You’ll also dive into existing Assemble workflows like 3D quantity takeoff and work in place tracking after reviewing the new integration.

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2. Introducing Autodesk Takeoff

Best for: Estimators and Precon Managers

Learn what makes Autodesk Takeoff so powerful in the hands of a preconstruction team. The webinar is about 45-minutes and gives a great overview of the software and provides a look at how to use it in a practical scenario. At the end, there is a Q&A that answers some of our most commonly asked questions. 

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3. Cutting Edge Coordination Workflows with Autodesk BIM Collaborate

Best for: VDC Managers, BIM Specialists, Project Managers, and Project Engineers

In just under an hour, this webinar teaches you how to use Autodesk BIM Collaborate to coordinate workflows. You’ll see a demonstration of the product and how it can help prevent model coordination bottlenecks, limited involvement from the project team, and other common challenges. The last 10 minutes covers common questions and answers.

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4. Reduce Rework with BIM

Best for: Contractors, Project Managers, Architects, and Design Teams

The agenda for this 48-minute seminar includes preventing errors with coordination as well as a look at how BIM Collaborate makes that possible. You’ll learn how unlocking the “I” in BIM can be done by using Autodesk Assemble. At the end, a short Q&A answers questions the attendees had during the webinar.

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5. Autodesk Build: Product Deep Dive

Best for: Project Execs, Project Managers, and Project Engineers

Autodesk Build: Product Deep Dive webinar

Learn about connecting the office to the field during this 45-minute webinar. It’s a deep dive into Autodesk Build and what makes it such a powerful tool for your construction projects. You’ll discover how to connect workflows, data, teams, and stakeholders regardless of where they are. You’ll also get to see Autodesk Build in action with feedback from real customers already using the product.

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6. Modern 2D/3D Takeoff Workflow

Best for: Estimators, Chief Estimators, and Precon Managers

It’s important for teams to determine how much of each material is needed for a job. It’s just as essential to have the same data available to everyone working on the project, especially when offering estimates to customers. Estimators will appreciate learning more about how they can connect takeoff data to stakeholders for increased collaboration and standardization.

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7. Bring BIM to the Field with Assemble 

Best for: General Contractors, BIM Managers, and Field Teams

In this webinar (about 50 minutes long), you’ll learn about the common challenges BIM managers and field teams are facing today. We then walk through how Autodesk Assemble can help overcome these challenges by providing connected BIM data in the cloud for all teams to get real-time updates as things change

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8. Roundtrip Issues Management with BIM

Best for: Precon, Design, and Construction teams

This webinar goes over common challenges with issue management, like having project delays or collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. You’ll learn how to build better connections between teams so they understand how to effectively report and resolve issues. The knowledge shared here will help accelerate project timelines and reduce workload with BIM.

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9. 10 Tips to Win More Bids in 2021

Best for: Precon or Estimating Executives and Estimators in Subcontractor firms 

Over the course of this 30-minute webinar, specialty contractors will learn how to address challenges in the bidding process. Presenters talk through common scenarios and provide actionable tips on how to prevent losing track of bid invitations, improving your team’s win rate, and creating lasting relationships with GCs.

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10. How the Best GCs Resolve Issues in the Field

Best for: VDC/BIM Managers, Architecture-Engineering Leads, and Project Managers

Issue resolution experts talk through many of the issues with…resolving issues. Communication is so important and how the design and construction teams collaborate (or fail to) can have a major impact on project outcomes. The webinar walks you through connected construction workflows and issue resolution processes fit for the entire team.

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Continue learning with Autodesk

These webinars provide walkthroughs to improve workflows and collaboration from the office to the field. Ongoing learning will help you feel more confident in your field and take away new, actionable knowledge. It’ll help you improve efficiency and productivity with intent to put what you learn to use. Feel free to share anything relevant with your team. If you’d like to review all our latest education, please visit our Resource Center. If you have any questions about our Autodesk products, send us a message and someone will gladly help you out.

Ben Renschen

Writer & Associate Editor, Digital Builder Blog, Autodesk

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