15 Construction Classes from AU You Might Have Missed

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Last week, Autodesk University was an incredible four full days of digital events, keynotes, sessions, and storytelling. You can check out our day-by-day event recaps here:

Whether you missed AU entirely or only had a chance to watch a selection of content, we're featuring the attendees' favorite construction classes and sessions below. Class sessions are still available – so make sure you catch these must-watch construction sessions while you can! 

What's Next with Autodesk Construction Cloud

If you caught the opening keynotes, you saw some exciting announcements revealed from Autodesk Construction Cloud – including three new products built on a unified platform. Sameer Merchant, Head of Product Development, Autodesk Construction Solutions at Autodesk, gives a product deep dive into the Autodesk® BuildAutodesk® Quantify, and Autodesk® BIM Collaborate. Learn how the new products deliver on Autodesk's vision of connected construction. Watch now!

Autodesk's Vision for Industrialized Construction

Industrialized construction: The application of manufacturing techniques in the built environment. The AEC industry is under pressure to change—to become more productive and less dangerous, and provide increasing levels of certainty. The industry is set to shift a significant part of the value chain to prefabrication, and Autodesk is committed to supporting its customers on their journeys. In this session, you'll hear from Autodesk's industrialized construction head of strategy and evangelism, Amy Marks, on how Autodesk is approaching industrialized construction and the company's strategies for product, services, and evangelism. Watch now!

Connecting the Dots Between Office and Field Using BIM 360 Docs

The construction industry worldwide loses hundreds of millions of dollars because of the rework caused by the lack of the latest information and construction documents available at the right time to the field executives. However, with BIM 360 Docs, the field executives can even view the documents offline. This class explains in detail how this process is performed and maintained throughout the construction process. The class showcases a project in Australia where BIM 360 Docs helps users provide the latest construction documents to the field executives. Watch now!

Digital Twin for Building Owners

Digital twins for building owners are emerging tools for facilities management, operations, and maintenance. This roundtable was hosted jointly by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (WDPR), Brandon Wlosinski and Autodesk Consulting, and Dorian Chau to explore, define, and understand what digital twins mean for the building industry today. Bob Bray, senior director at ConstrucTwin at Autodesk, provides his insights to the roundtable, as well as other invited enterprise building owners. Watch now!

Field and Project Management with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Every construction project team needs the right tools to support key workflows, including QA/QC, safety, RFIs, and cost, and progress. Today, teams use a number of different tools and techniques to execute them. The risks of using various applications and processes for these are poor information access, lack of connectivity and collaboration between the office and the field, and tools that are built for either field workers on mobile devices or office workers on laptops. The vision of Autodesk Construction Cloud is to enable connectivity across the project, and this session provides an update on the future product road map for field and project management capabilities. Watch now!

The Future of Model Coordination is more than Clash Detection!

Join this class to hear a discussion on what Model Coordination means, project delivery requirements, automation in the software, automation in the physical world, and the future of VDC roles. The class travels back to the beginning of Clash Detection and BIM Software, then compares that to current capabilities, and finally steps into the future to explore the impact of what current cutting edge technology could have and review the tech workflows of the future. Watch now!

Tracking Assets and Equipment in BIM 360

Construction teams need an experience that lets an asset, such as equipment, and its data flow seamlessly from design to handover and operations. This class explores how to use BIM 360 software as a means for tracking key milestones in the asset lifespan—from design and fabrication to delivery, installation, commissioning, and, ultimately, handover. This class also looks at workflows around building commissioning and creating repositories for asset-related documentation, including product information such as cut sheets and warranty documents—as well as links to checklists, RFIs, submittals, and other workflows related to the asset. Watch now!

ISO19650, the Common Data Environment and Autodesk Construction Cloud

Use of standards for construction project delivery has grown over the last decade, with national and regional mandates, and an increase in Building Information Modelling has led to the development of the ISO19650 set of standards. This session discusses the development and use of these standards and how they relate to how people are using Autodesk Construction Cloud. Watch now!

The Future of Quantification with Construction Cloud

Estimating teams play a vital role in winning new business. Yet, many of today's solutions lack collaboration, require a highly manual process, and too often result in siloed data across teams. Join this session to learn how estimators can benefit from next-generation 2D and 3D technology to deliver better quantification and estimating practices. You'll also learn how Autodesk is driving the industry forward with connected, cloud-based, preconstruction planning tools with the power of automated tooling and machine learning. Watch now!

Blacks and Minorities in AEC: Perspective of Diversity and Inclusion

This session is a panel from Black people and minorities in AEC-related roles discussing the impacts of diversity and inclusion on the construction industry. The questions focus on how the impacts of AEC have affected the industry globally and how we can address these issues of skills shortages by retaining and supporting diverse groups. This class is aimed to bring awareness, establish dialogue, and engage a community of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) people in AEC. Watch now!

New Business Models and Digital Platforms in Construction 4.0

Digital transformation is more important than ever. Data and analytics change how AEC firms operate. But some changes are invisible to the eye: transformation of business models. To avoid commoditization, some companies are moving fast to adopt digital platforms to run their business. They add new services to their existing portfolio, and they build new partnerships. We see the emergence of new roles, new activities, and new tools. Consequently, entirely new ecosystems are emerging: the originators, the providers, the aggregators, the controllers, and the consumers. The class explores in more detail the various aspects of this new Construction 4.0 scene. Watch now!

The Future of Construction Project Management

Over the last decade, the construction industry has been through a rapid pace of change. The whole supply chain started to digitize critical processes and workflows alongside the relentless use of emerging technologies across the jobsite. With new technology and innovative practices becoming the norm, what does the future of construction project management—and more importantly, the project manager—look like? This session explores how digital processes are improving the way we work, walk through the upcoming technologies to be aware of, and examine how you can include these in your company road map to prepare for the future while not neglecting the need to provide scalable solutions to improve business outcomes today. Watch now!

Sharing Data in Cloud-Based Platforms: Avoiding Risks, Liability & Disputes

Whilst cloud-based platforms like BIM 360 powerfully connect project teams and data, this very ability to connect in real-time – with decisions and actions made based on the connected information – brings a host of potentially unintended and avoidable misunderstandings, increased liability, and risks. In this class, you are given practical, useful advice and tips on reducing risk and clarifying parties' rights and obligations via clear process, guidance, and terms. Watch now!

BIM 360 with BAM Construction: Standardization, Digital Transformation, and the Power of Data!

Join Duncan Alexander, Digital Construction Manager, on BAM Construct UK's journey with BIM 360 software. Duncan has worked for BAM Construct UK for 15 years, specializing in the implementation of the latest innovative construction technologies and processes. It is his passion to lead the digital transformation within BAM Construct UK to make the firm a leader in the construction industry. This session covers the following subjects: BIM 360 Field (Classic) pilot project; BIM 360 Field (Classic) UK-wide deployment; the importance of standardization; lessons learned; moving to BIM 360 next generation, and understanding the power of data with Project IQ. Watch now!

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