The Top Sessions for Project Managers at AU 2023

We’re excited to announce that Autodesk University is back and better than ever in the beautiful city of Las Vegas between November 13-15.

This year, we’ll cover some key topics that will help you improve your business–from driving your digital transformation to helping build better resilience, communication, and sustainability through cloud-based solutions. 

With AU 2023, this is your annual opportunity to learn and grow as you gain the crucial insights you need in the ever-changing construction industry. Find out more about emerging technologies and how project management is evolving. 

This is one construction event you don’t want to miss out on, so mark your calendar, register today, and get ready to head to AU 2023. 


What You Can Learn About Project Management at Autodesk University 2023 

It’s no secret that project managers have to be on the cutting edge of all the latest innovations and strategies in the industry if they want to remain competitive. AU 2023 brings you the latest information, so you can level up your learning and push your career forward. 

Session topics at this year’s AU include how to get the most out of your data and analytics, cost control, new developments with Autodesk Construction Cloud, how to refine your workflows, and more. 

Not sure which sessions to attend? You can choose from hundreds of options, but we also curated our top session selections for this year, so you can learn as much as possible about the future of project management. 

The following list isn’t comprehensive and is only a preview of what’s to come. You’ll find a full session catalog here that you can explore.  

The Top Sessions for Project Management at AU 2023 

These are several of the highlights we think you’re going to love this year at AU 2022.

CS602750 | Forms and Files from Foundational to Future

When starting down the path of digital transformation, change is a difficult barrier to overcome. Even the simplest solutions often require effort to gain buy-in across teams. When it comes to Autodesk Build, there are easy choices to make that will save your teams time and centralize documentation so everyone who needs access has it. At this session, you will learn how to elevate built-in and existing forms and workflows for files within Autodesk Build to overcome adoption hurdles, ease effort on your teams, and create the foundation for your future projects. We’ll tackle how simple modifications to daily reports, smart PDFs, and safety inspection forms will help customize your checklist experience and simplify your workflows. You’ll learn how to set up files and folders for a strong collaborative team foundation around Submittals, RFIs, and Plans. Most importantly, you’ll learn about the common roadblocks encountered when implementing these new tools and how to overcome them.

CS601337 | Business Intelligence Within Autodesk Products Done the Disney Way

Do you want to understand how your portfolio of projects are performing hosted on BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud? Would you like to maximum the value of your Autodesk analytics investment? This case study will cover a data product design developed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Autodesk Consulting. We will give an overview of Disney’s business requirements, KPIs, and metrics. We will list technical aspects of the data ELT (extracting, loading, and transforming) from Autodesk Data Connector. An area of focus will be the data engineering processes required to produce meaningful consolidated tables, where data from the Data Connector is sliced and diced to target customers’ KPIs.

CS601930 | Linking a Construction Program to an Interactive Model on JFK Airport

New Terminal One (NTO) is a passenger terminal set to be built at JFK International Airport in New York as part of wider plans to transform JFK into a world-class airport. Upon completion, NTO will be the airport’s largest terminal. This session will demonstrate how Robert Bird Group (RBG) engages with project stakeholders, linking schedule data to model elements in an interactive and accessible environment that can be streamed in a web browser using the RBG-developed platform Reveal. Maximizing Navisworks, Revit, 3ds Max, and schedule data, we map the structure program to model elements, generating a connected link for ease of updates. The interactive environment allows any stakeholder to navigate, interrogate, control, and interact with a data-rich real-time model from any angle and at any stage of the construction.

CS600948 | Delivering $1 Billion of Work Collaboratively with Autodesk Construction Cloud

It’s no secret: To successfully complete complex construction projects, all stakeholders must collaborate effectively. Companies need to share the right data and information. Learn how project teams can maximize Bridge in Autodesk Construction Cloud to meet company standards, reduce rework, and improve cross-team collaboration. General Motors (GM) has invested $1 billion into building new battery plants, and to do this, the firm asked Barton Malow (general contractor) and Ghafari (architecture engineering firm) to partner together to deliver this massive undertaking. GM knew that traditional construction methods would not meet the timeline and demands of the project, so the firm opted for an integrated project delivery (IPD) method to deliver a project on such a large scale. As an IPD, the partners of GM, Barton Mallow, and Ghafari all share the risk of the project and its rewards. Join Liz Fox from Barton Malow and John Raad from GM to see how Bridge in Autodesk Construction Cloud is a critical component of this massive project.

CS601240 | Making your Construction Schedule Actionable

Workplans are at the center of every construction project, and are key to understanding how value is going to be delivered to the customer. Yet, they tend to exist in isolation, disconnected from the rest of project information and the master schedules from which they are derived. One of the biggest causes of productivity loss is the poor communication of the tasks scheduled to complete the job right the first time. What if you could create a truly connected experience between master schedule milestones and workplans to deliver the most efficient sequence of work? What if you could make the workplan a guide that filters the work that has to be done next for project delivery for efficient project execution? BAM will share how its digital approach to work planning delivers value to project stakeholders. The Autodesk product team collaborating with BAM will showcase the digitized, collaborative, and connected schedule experience within Autodesk Build.

CS602379 | Pushing the Envelope: The Autodesk Construction Cloud Correspondence Tool Streamlines Construction

Multiple moving parts and stakeholders are involved in getting construction projects from design to handover. When project-related communications are not linked to the project, it can increase the likelihood of scattered communication and potential risk. What if you could track all project correspondence in a single location? Well, now you can! With the Correspondence tool in Autodesk Construction Cloud, teams can create and manage internal and external project communication in a centralized and connected environment. In this session, Granite Construction will share how the firm used the tool on multiple projects to create a communication repository, working collaboratively with the Autodesk product team to provide feedback during the beta.

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Jenny Ragan

Content Marketing Manager at Autodesk Construction Solutions