Empower Construction Marketing with Project Data

construction marketing with project data

Leverage Key Project Metrics to Shape Your Firm’s Competitive Advantage

Digital transformation. Disruption. Innovation. As a professional in the AEC industries, you know these buzzwords all too well. Today’s project teams are accustomed to adapting and testing new solutions on their project sites to  improve workflows and access data in real-time. But what does it mean for construction marketing?

The ability to implement new solutions is no longer an option, but an imminent necessity to meet customers’ evolving expectations. Software solutions make design-and-build workflows more efficient, but the most significant advantage is accessing data captured by project teams. Most importantly, it’s about understanding how data is being used to proactively make improvements and predict project outcomes.

We all know that this data is extremely important to project teams. But not as obvious, it holds just as much value for marketers. According to FMI, 95% of all construction and engineering data collected goes unused. Could both project and construction marketing teams be missing out? When leveraged properly, data feeds marketing with insights, enhanced client profiles, and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs). The result is bespoke analytics that allows your firm to differentiate its offerings, thus improving your competitive advantage.

Wide adoption of technology solutions encourages a direct line of communication that has historically been lacking between marketing and field staff. But, how do construction marketing teams also take advantage of this new opportunity and join forces with our technical peers? Below, we’ll explore how technology and project data benefits construction marketing efforts, in addition to how marketers can better leverage these insights to improve business development and customer engagement. 

Tap Into Project Data for a Winning Construction Marketing Campaign

There’s a tremendous amount of transformation happening in today’s business landscape, particularly as it pertains to the evolving digital space. Chances are, your project teams are already jumping on board and leveraging new technology solutions to capture exponentially more data than in past years. Here are four ways construction marketing teams can benefit from this new and growing data goldmine:

1. Visibility into project data builds a connection between marketers and project teams

To a project manager, a data point might mean nothing more than being a week ahead of schedule or avoiding a lost-time accident. That same data is a success factor a marketing manager can craft into a case study, webinar, article, award submission, or competitive advantage highlighted during an interview. It just might be the differentiating factor that brings in new business interest or acts as a supporting proof point to win a bid. 

2. Project successes in real time pack a bigger punch than a pretty picture of a finished building

AEC is a service-based industry. Technology allows marketing to highlight your team’s unique differentiators and showcase results as they happen, proving how you excel beyond your competition during the entire lifecycle of a project.

3. Data is an objective resource and the backbone to meaningful stories

With insights, project teams can course-correct operations, reduce safety risk, and even improve profit margins. Data can play an equally significant role in developing marketing plans. It offers a direct link between the customer and the firm. The project team is the connector. 

Marketing is no longer anecdotal; it is backed up by undeniable statistics a customer can trust. This shift allows marketing teams to present strong case studies of your firm’s much-deserved accomplishments.

4. Data enables construction marketing and business development teams to collaborate with field and operations staff to win work 

Data paints part of the picture for the marketing team. But now, they have access to the success metrics that will guide additional dialogue with the project team. Team members are proud to share their role in reaching project success. The details you’ll uncover will craft project statistics into an effective marketing piece or sales tool.

Let the Project Team Come to You

Marketing teams are in a unique position, as they interact with a wide range of stakeholders in an organization. Marketing connects the dots between external demands and the internal strategy created to remain competitive. A firm’s execution must be aligned with the current market pressures and industry trends. Here are a few ways that construction marketing teams can work with teams in the front line to collect the right information that will drive market success. 

Establish credibility

Build credibility with your technical peers. Don’t add another meeting request to their already crammed calendars. Assess which meetings are best suited to fit marketing on the agenda and tap into that engaged audience with thoughtful questions. You’ll gain insight you’d never have access to otherwise by sitting in on the team’s schedule review or safety meeting.

Ask the right questions to tell stories 

Don’t miss out on credible marketing opportunities. Go straight to the source of truth. Build stories on top of data and watch your marketing efforts gain the respect they deserve.

Start to ask questions—what is the project data telling you? How did this happen and why should anyone care? Marketing no longer has to wait for the ribbon-cutting ceremony months away. Is the project ahead of schedule? Is it trending positive on diversity goals or under budget? Did the team catch a costly constructability issue early? Did they save the owner money during preconstruction? There are countless success stories tucked away in every phase of a project cycle. Now you have the tools to zoom in and explore the possibilities.

Understand the tools of the trade

Technology promotes collaboration among teams that otherwise work in silos. Informed employees from diverse functions are empowered to advocate for your brand and help propel company development. On-boarding to a shared technology platform facilitates the distribution of knowledge and information that fosters cross-functional team engagement. 

Empower Construction Marketing Success with Project Data

Access to key project data and insights empowers marketers to develop an integrated approach to customer engagement, storytelling, and competitive differentiation. A unified vision that engages the entire organization will effectively drive financial performance and extend your reach to current and future customers.

Elena Lelchuk

Customer Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions

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