An Insider’s Guide to Connected Construction

insider's guide to connected construction

Whether we’re connecting people, data, or technology–connected construction is better construction. 

Today’s construction landscape looks drastically different than it did a generation ago. Teams are working together and building more effectively with new tools and processes, and the industry has made more progress in the last 20 years than the preceding 200. Designers and builders have more sophisticated tools and futuristic technologies are becoming more commonplace every day. What took days at a drafting table is now done with design software in minutes. Clearly, the pace of change is accelerating rapidly – but are today’s construction teams innovating in way that is improving collaboration, productivity, and profits?   

Not exactly. The future of construction is inspiring, but construction professionals are often focused on addressing the immediate challenges at hand. Disconnected information and teams continue to create rework, delays, and wasteFurthermore, construction leaders and executives still struggle to reduce risk with little insight and visibility into the entire construction process. These hurdles often prevent organizations from looking at the big picture. So, how do construction firms embrace the powerful potential of new digital solutions and still make meaningful and lasting improvements to their project and business operations?  

Enter Autodesk Construction Cloud – software that removes barriers of disconnect and uncertainty while driving predictable and successful project outcomes. The connected technology is built to address the needs of all stakeholders – including designers, builders, and owners – in every industry segment, and at all stages of the building lifecycle. By combining advanced technology, the builders network, and predictive insights, it’s tomorrow’s construction technology, delivered today. 

To better understand the capabilities, integrations, and workflows of Autodesk Construction Cloud, download our ebook, “Construction Connected,” now.  

Connected Construction - Guide to Autodesk Construction Cloud

The Autodesk Construction Cloud 

Today, Autodesk Construction Cloud is the entry point to the future of construction, regardless of where you are in your innovation journey. Our software is built upon four best-in-class products that many already know and love: BuildingConnectedAssembleBIM 360, and PlanGrid. We’ve taken these industry-leading solutions and made them more integrated, connected, and collaborative than ever before. 

Creating the Foundation for Connected Construction  

Autodesk Construction Cloud breaks down silos and makes your data portable, creating a seamless flow of construction information. You can start a project in Autodesk authoring tools, push the plans and models to preconstruction and procurement, and—once you’re readydirectly utilize that data in your project management and field teams. Autodesk Construction Cloud combines and connects best-in-breed technology that’s simple, yet powerful to use. 

Regardless of where you are in your innovation journey, to learn about new workflows and better understand how highly integrated these solutions are, download our ebook, “Connected Construction.” 

Achieve Better Project Outcomes with Autodesk Construction Cloud 

Teams that leverage Autodesk Construction Cloud are setting their projects and businesses up for long-term success. From cost and quality to safety and schedules, the software allows you to improve outcomes and meet key metrics on all aspects of a project. How you choose to accomplish this with Autodesk Construction Cloud can easily be tailored to suit your business needs.  

Autodesk Construction Cloud meets you wherever your project teams are in their journey. Teams can expect improved outcomes including: 

  • Reduced CostThe software creates opportunities for better cost control, which is imperative to managing projects and ensuring they stay financially healthy. Additionally, qualifying subcontractor performance is now easier than ever. 
  • Increased Quality: Autodesk Construction Cloud allows contractors to provide a better experience during project turnover through reduced defects, enhanced digital documentation, and increased support that customers receive while moving from construction to operations. 
  • Optimized Schedule Durations: Autodesk Construction Cloud allows teams to correctly allocate and plan resources like labor and materials for project scheduling. This simplifies planning and helps keep better track of work, ensuring predictable delivery on and off the project site.  
  • Improved Safety: The connected technologies empower teams to better coordinate logistics, schedules, and process planning – meaning contractors can reduce the number of hours laborers are onsite. 
  • More Project Wins: Utilizing technology and automation during the bid stage can dramatically increase efficiency in delivering compliant and innovative bids. Autodesk Construction Cloud helps boost win rates by streamlining the bid and proposal process.  

Make Connected Construction a Reality, Today 

Many reading this are just beginning the process of setting up a digital strategy, moving off paper documentation, and enhancing team collaboration. Some have already digitized, and now want to break down data silos to integrate business processes and automate manual workflows. Others have been on this journey for a while and are ready to fully embrace all aspects of connected construction to optimize data for powerful insights.  

Our cloud-based technology allows contractors to focus on the right parts of construction to differentiate themselves from the competition, meet project budgets and schedules, and improve many key industry outcomes. To learn how you can better leverage the Autodesk Construction Cloud, no matter where you are in your digital journey, download our ebook now.

 Connected Construction - Guide to Autodesk Construction Cloud

Stuart Frederich-Smith

Director of Product Marketing, Autodesk Construction Solutions

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