Tips to Supercharge Construction Field Productivity [webinar] 

supercharge construction field productivity webinar

“Productivity,” generally defined as the measure of the rate at which work is performed, has been historically neglected in construction. While construction productivity, in general, has been increasing over the last several years, there’s still a long way to go.  

Today, projects are full of minor inefficiencies that add up to staggering costs and time waste. Take rework due to poor document control as an example. A report from Autodesk and FMI revealed that poor project data and miscommunication contributed to $31.3 billion in rework in the U.S. alone in 2018. Lagging construction productivity as a whole costs the U.S. global economy $1.6 trillion a year. It’s safe to say that deceptively small gaps in productivity add up to exorbitant costs, which have become simply too high to ignore any longer. Good enough is no longer good enough. 

Productive construction companies tend to be profitable ones, yet for too many firms, delivering projects on time seems to be unachievable. It’s never as easy as implementing a one-time improvement or tackling a single problem. Productivity improvements in construction companies tend to require a top-down, business model approach. To identify all the factors interrupting productivity workflows, start examining the company’s internal processes for these common causes of lost construction field productivity among field team members.

Ready to take action on productivity issues within your construction firm? On June 30 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET, join us for our webinar, 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Field Productivity

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On the fence about whether you should attend? In our webinar, we’ll be digging into how to: 

  • Build planning and management skills
  • Track daily progress
  • Increase your use of communication tools
  • Adopt a lean construction approach to projects
  • Effectively train the field team

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Grace Ellis

Editor in Chief, Digital Builder Blog, Autodesk

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