Back to School: Preparing Students for the Construction Industry’s Future

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In today’s changing world, online learning has become the new normal. Construction educators are adapting, in innovative ways to support their students’ learning journeys in virtual classrooms, with strategies including adopting collaborative software, streamlining communication with students, and keeping an eye toward the future by following the latest technology trends and updates.

Autodesk is invested in developing the next generation of construction professionals and setting them up for success as the industry continues to evolve. As part of this investment, Autodesk recently organized the first virtual live event for construction educators in the U.S. and EMEA. The Digital Construction Summer School is a live event experience where we introduced educators to the Autodesk Construction Cloud, including guest presentations by leading Autodesk customers such as Clayco, KEO, BAM, Dura Vermeer, and construction faculty sharing best practices on successfully integrating this platform into their curriculum using digital collaboration tools to support learning outcomes.

If you missed the event, don’t worry! We have curated the top sessions you should watch, from specialization tracks (preconstruction, site execution, etc.) to the Autodesk Construction Cloud fundamentals videos. Find everything you need to learn from educators and leading construction firms below:


How to Use Autodesk Construction Cloud in Education

Speakers: Steve Strickland, Technical Manager, Construction Education, Autodesk; John Herridge, AEC Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk; Dr. Jeong Woo, Department Head, California Polytechnic State University

Learn how the Autodesk Construction Cloud can enhance your construction curriculum and introduce your students to the future of work workflows through a series of on-demand videos using BIM 360 for Preconstruction and Site Execution workflows. Hear how CalPoly SLO uses BIM 360 throughout their undergraduate curriculum program.


Practical Applications of BIM 360 in Academia

Speaker: Gerard Nicholson, Lecturer, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)

Learn how GMIT uses BIM 360 in its academic construction programs.


Construction: A Digital Future

Speaker: Matthew Keen, Senior Industry Strategist, Autodesk

Get an overview of construction’s digital future, and how construction educators will shape and inform the next generation of digitally native construction professionals.


Inspiring a Better Industry: The B1M’s Journey to 15MM Viewers

Speaker: Fred Mills, Co-Founder and Managing Director, B1M

Entrepreneur and digital creator Fred Mills shares how he grew his online channel, B1M, from his spare room to be a successful construction media channel with 15 million monthly viewers.


BIM 360 User Management Best Practices

Speaker: Jonathan Hand, 3rd Party Technology Manager, Excitech

Want to get everyone in your class on board with BIM 360? An Autodesk expert shares best practices for BIM 360 setup and management.


Next Generation in the Lead

Speaker: Merna Elgohary, Student, Saxion University, and Digital Construction Intern, Dura Vermeer

A student shares her experience learning and growing her career in the construction industry, and how her career became her passion.


Young and Experienced

Speaker: Gert-Jan Ditsel, BIM Manager, Dura Vermeer

How did the family-owned company, Dura Vermeer, build a people-first culture and deploy that to a digital transformation? This class will be your guide.



QA/QC Automation in BIM 360 Using ValidationHub

Speaker: Radu Gidei, Co-Founder/CTO, Matterlab

Learn how to integrate ArchiveHub with BIM 360 to archive project data.



Preconstruction Hands-On BIM 360 Workshop

Watch this hands-on workshop session that will introduce you to key workflows supporting preconstruction and featuring Document Management and Model Coordination.


BIM 360 Implementation Case Study – CDE for Preconstruction

Speaker: Juan Tena Florez, Regional Digital Design Manager, Keo International Consultants

A BIM manager from KEO International Consultants highlights how the firm implemented BIM 360’s common data environment (CDE) for preconstruction workflows.


Site Construction

Site Execution Hands-On BIM 360 Workshop

This hands-on workshop session will introduce you to key workflows supporting site execution featuring Document Management and Field Management.


BIM 360 in a Main Contractor

Speaker: Mark Taylor, Snr. Digital Construction Manager, Digital Construction & Automation, Royal BAM Group

See how a major contractor, the Royal BAM Group, utilized and standardized BIM 360. Follow their digitalization journey and learn how they deploy technology to site teams.

BIM 360 Design

 Introduction to BIM 360 Design and Best Practices for Remote Working

Speaker, Daniel Wood, Technical Specialist, Autodesk

An overview of how to use BIM 360 for design and coordination, and an introduction to best practices and insights into remote working in today’s digital work environment.


Setting Up Autodesk BIM 360 Design for Use in Education

Speaker: Kevin Furlong, Lecturer in Building Information Modelling & Management (BIMM) & Digital Construction, Technological University Dublin

A case study exploring how BIM 360 Design was used in a recent project focused on collaborative design.

BIM 360 Coordinate

Introduction to BIM 360 Coordinate, Performing Quality Checks in the Cloud

Speaker: Stuart Tanfield, Design & Construction Technical Specialist, Autodesk

A look at BIM 360 Coordinate and where it sits within the BIM 360 portfolio, featuring updates, best practices, and real-life coordination workflow examples.


Construction Collaborative Technologies

Speaker: Gordon Chisholm, Lecturer, Waterford Institute of Technology

Where does BIM 360 fit in the classroom? This class will show you how to apply BIM360 to educational programs.


BIM 360 Docs

Engaging Students Online with Document Management in BIM 360

Learn the key Document Management features in BIM 360 and how they can support today’s construction courses.


 Introduction to BIM 360 Docs and Best Practices to Review Student Projects

Speaker: Monika Hoffman, Customer Success Manager, Autodesk

What is BIM 360 Docs and where does it sit within the BIM 360 portfolio? This class features updates, best practices, and real life examples.


BIM 360 Build

Introduction to BIM 360 Build and Field Management

Speaker: Alexandra Tamasu, Customer Success Manager, Autodesk

A guide to BIM 360 Field, including where it sits within the BIM 360 portfolio, feature updates, best practices, and real life examples.


BIM 360 Build – Best Practices for Teaching Students Field Management

Speaker: Dr. Henry Anada Fonbeyin, Reader in Construction IT, Oxford Brookes University

A high-level overview of the digital technologies being integrated into university programs, including insights into how BIM 360 Field Management is being taught in today’s environment.

Philipp Mueller

Autodesk Education Experiences- Program Mgr. AEC EMEA

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