​​Digital Builder Ep 46: How Technology is Transforming Subcontractors in Construction

As the construction industry continues to digitize, companies are faced with endless possibilities thanks to access to exponentially more and better data, truly digitized workflows, technology like augmented reality, and communication tools that improve speed and efficiency. 

To dive into all of these and more, Matthew Cordova, Director of Construction Technology at Hermanson Company, Matt Lamb, the Chief Information Officer at Rosendin Electric, join Eric Thomas in another live episode of Digital Builder hosted on LinkedIn Live! 

We discuss: 

  • Ensuring a balanced workload when integrating new tech into existing processes 
  • Properly implementing new tech with different teams in the same organization 
  • Security considerations and best practices with new technology and AI tools like ChatGPT 
  • How AI and better data availability open new revenue lines 
  • How to begin the digitization process in a way that teams can manage 

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