Digital Builder Ep 44: Identifying Risk in Old Construction Tech Part 2

In the second half of our two-part episode with Autodesk colleagues Lisa Chen, Technical Sales Executive, and Ross Wagner, Manager of Technical Sales, we continue talking about the obstacles preventing the industry from digitization and why legacy non-purpose-built tools are holding companies back.

If you haven't yet, catch the first half of our conversation with Lisa and Ross in Episode 41!

We discuss: 

  • Why contractors are rejecting digital tools 
  • The difficult reality of using legacy non-purpose-built tools 
  • The tools Lisa & Ross can’t do without on a jobsite 

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Identifying Risk in Old Construction Tech Part 2

Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk.

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Eric Thomas

Manager, Construction Thought Leadership at Autodesk + Host of Autodesk's Digital Builder Podcast