Digital Builder Ep 41: Identifying Risk in Old Construction Tech Part 1

When construction projects are at risk and you know the existing processes work, it’s difficult to justify adopting new technologies or workflows. But just as there are risks with adopting something new, there are also risks in refusing to change.

So how can your organization decide when it’s time to adopt new technologies, determine when the risks are too great to avoid implementing changes, and actually evaluate which new tech to adopt?

In this episode, I sit down with Autodesk colleagues Lisa Chen, Technical Sales Executive, and Ross Wagner, Manager of Technical Sales, to discuss the risks and rewards of construction technology and how you can navigate digitization effectively.

We discuss:

  • How Legacy Non-Purpose-Built tools are impacting construction project sites
  • How to approach digitization, why it matters, and how to win support from your organization for new tech
  • How digitization impacts revenue and unlocks a company’s competitive advantage

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Identifying Risk in Old Construction Tech Part 1 | Digital Builder Podcast EP 41

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Eric Thomas

Manager, Construction Thought Leadership at Autodesk + Host of Autodesk's Digital Builder Podcast