Construction Tech Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner

construction technology tips

For the last few years, global construction firms have had to scale technology adoption and implementation at a rapid pace. In fact, our research at Autodesk found that cloud-based collaboration activity grew 2.5x between 2020 and 2022.  

Given the acceleration of digital transformation, a construction professional’s ability to adopt and utilize construction technologies to their maximum potential has never been more critical to ensuring business and project success in addition to career advancement. 

Companies can no longer afford to let digital investments fall by the wayside. To help construction firms to continue to accelerate and maximize their use of technology, we’ve created a new video series. Designed to provide construction professionals with the latest tips and tricks in technology, Digital Builder Tech Tips will help you advance your everyday technology workflows. So far, we’ve released three episodes, with new episodes being released every other week. 

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How to Reduce Risk in Construction

Construction projects require hundreds, if not thousands, of documents which is a headache to manage with a paper-based system and can increase project risk. In this first episode of our series, we’re diving into how to easily mitigate construction risk with customized forms.   

Tyler Camp, Technical Solutions Executive at Autodesk, explains how forms can help construction professionals quickly and effectively create documentation to reduce project risk.  

How to Reduce Risk in Construction

Construction RFI Management with Technology

Are you tired of the constant back-and-forth with RFIs, struggling to keep track of questions and responses amidst a sea of subcontractors? Or maybe you’re a subcontractor looking to get clarification on materials? 

In this video, Tyler Camp, Technical Solutions Executive (Autodesk), addresses common pain points with RFIs. Learn how technology can transform your process, enabling you to easily create, trace, report, and search RFIs.  

Construction RFI Management with Custom Attributes

How to Embrace Construction Innovations Across Your Org

In this episode, we delve into the world of technological innovations in the construction industry. Join us as Dan Metzinger, a seasoned Technical Solutions Executive at Autodesk, shares his insights and experiences from over 15 years as a construction project manager, championing technology as a key differentiator within organizations. 

Witness how his journey of technology adoption encountered resistance in the field, as superintendents hesitated to embrace change and clung to traditional paper-based approaches. 

The Rise of Construction Tech: What Every Organization Must Embrace

What Tech Tips Would You Like to See Next?

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Grace Ellis

Editor in Chief, Digital Builder Blog, Autodesk