Essential Construction Site Safety Checklists and Resources

site construction safety checklist and resources

As construction projects around the world restart, teams are proceeding with caution when it comes to site safety protocols. Companies need to continually be on top of both local and national guidelines, while still maintaining steady output levels to keep projects on track. 

Keeping up with constant change while managing uncertainty is challenging. During these unique times, we are here to support you. We’ve curated some of the top construction site safety checklists and resources available to help construction teams adapt to their new working environment:

Construction Site Safety Checklists

  • [Downloadable] COVID-19 Checklist Templates: Looking for comprehensive site checklists for safety? Check out these downloadable checklist templates to ensure you are following measures and guidelines outlined by the government and provide evidence you are qualifying with contractual requirements.

BIM 360 Build users, want to easily import the COVID-19 construction safety checklists?: 

- Access the BIM 360 COVID-19 import templates here 
- Learn more about BIM 360 for safety and site inspections 

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PlanGrid users, the COVID-19 construction safety checklists are accessible within Field Report Templates:. 

- Learn more about PlanGrid for Field Reports here

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 Construction Site Safety Resources