There’s Nothing Funny About Construction Site Miscommunication… Except for These Cartoons

Share an Interesting Construction Mishap Story for a Chance to See It Illustrated

Misunderstandings happen all the time in construction, and sometimes these lead to some interesting mishaps, as comically illustrated here by New Yorker cartoonist, Emily Flake.  


To highlight the importance of keeping construction crews aligned from initial designs to finished projects — and to bring a little bit of humor to your workday — we’re collecting construction mishap stories from our community, and turning them into funny cartoons. 

Do you remember a miscommunication that led to an interesting, or even bizarre jobsite mishap? Share your story here for a chance to see it illustrated by Emily.  To keep it lighthearted and maintain privacy, we won’t reveal names, companies, or locations.

For the next few months, Emily will illustrate a handful of our favorite stories. Along with sharing on social media, we’ll update this post with the chosen anecdotes.    

While this is meant to be fun, we know that construction site miscommunication can be serious business, and can lead to project delays, cost overruns, and safety violations.

Learn more about some of the key reasons why communication can fail in construction, as well as solutions to keep teams aligned.  Plus, see how Autodesk Construction Cloud can help keep crews on the same page at every stage.  

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construction cartoon

construction cartoon



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