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4 Construction Meetups to Attend This Summer (2021)

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While plenty of people take off during the summer months, this period is known to be a busy time for construction professionals. The sunny weather conditions, coupled with relatively less traffic on roads, create an ideal environment to make headway on projects. 

But no matter how hectic your schedule is this summer, it’s important to find time to attend professional functions such as meetups and webinars. 

Events offer networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with industry peers — something that many people are finding to be difficult. Research by LinkedIn found that while nearly 80% of professionals view networking as critical to success, 38% are having a hard time doing so.

Meetups and webinars are also some of the best sources of industry knowledge and they often provide insights you can implement on the job. 

The right events — such as the upcoming meetups by Autodesk — can give you access to all of the above. 

4 New Virtual Meetups to Attend This Summer

Autodesk’s Construction Meetups bring together industry professionals and experts, giving you the opportunity to network with individuals who understand the ups and downs of construction. You’ll also learn about the latest trends and pick up tactics that you can apply to your day-to-day work life.

In this post, we’ve put together four of the top construction meetups to attend this summer. 

Have a look and don’t forget to mark your calendars.

1. Autodesk Construction Meetup – Preconstruction Manager

Time and date: July 13, 11:00 AM PT

Presenters: Melissa Schulteis, Virtual Construction Lead at Miron Construction Co., Inc., and Joseph Zabrosky, Manager – A/E Technology Applications at The Haskell Company

In this meetup, you’ll connect and learn from fellow Preconstruction Managers. Presenters will kick off the conversation with a discussion on the top things they wished they had known while working on their first project. They will also share more about the top skills and training strategies for effective preconstruction teams. You’ll also discuss how project teams naturally develop into a siloed environment of talented resources and how to transform this instead into a grouped atmosphere that benefits all stakeholders.

Join this engaging discussion to learn how preconstruction managers can apply leading best practices to their role including how to build buy-in for new technology. 

Learn more. 

2. Autodesk Construction Meetup – BIM Managers

Time and date: July 13, 12:30 PM PT

Presenters: Julian Chavez, Digital Delivery Lead, Digital Engineering at Kiewit and Mike DuLaney, BIM Manager at UCHealth

This session will help BIM managers understand the required design level of detail to assist with constructability optimization and quality control to reduce cost and rework after release for construction. Learn the steps you can take at the design stage to effectively identify constructability issues and catch errors, so you can ultimately reduce risk, prevent rework, and lower costs. 

We’ll also touch on the development of the field management (FM) model and how the FM deliverable is actually spread out across multiple construction stages, rather than being delivered at the end of the project. Learn why having a solid construction schedule is important and how it impacts the field management model development. 

Learn more.

3. Autodesk Construction Meetup – Project Managers

Time and date: July 20, 12:30 PM PT

Presenters: Rob Huffman, Director, Major Projects at Kawneer Company, and Bradley Cooley, Design Build Technology Director at O’Brien

Meetings between stakeholders are essential in any project, and during these sessions, someone always needs to take notes to help ensure that stakeholders stay aligned and accountable throughout the entire project.

A must-attend for project managers, this meetup will educate you on the right way to handle meeting minutes. You’ll get a deeper look at BIM 360’s Meeting Minutes module and learn how to track attendance, build agendas, and capture notes on important tasks and decisions. You’ll see how to effectively assign action items and attach files so that everyone has the documents and info they need to move forward. 

Learn more.

4. Autodesk Construction Meetup – Field Operations Managers

Time and date: July 20, 11 AM PT

Presenters: Camille Hardin, Project Manager at Flint Builders, Inc. and Spencer Mulaney, Project Engineer at Shimmick Construction

Field and office teams can do their best work when they’re able to collaborate seamlessly. In this meetup, you’ll join a discussion on how to best integrate the two teams using construction technology. The speakers will share which tools and strategies are important to each group and how to best cater to everyone’s needs. 

It’s also important to note that the digital divide doesn’t just happen between teams; it also takes place because of generational differences. This session will tackle how construction professionals can address such issues by shedding light on the trainings, standards, and best practices you could implement in order to integrate construction tech across multiple generations.

Learn more.

Be Even More Productive this Summer with Autodesk Construction Meetups

One of the keys to staying ahead in the construction industry is to never stop learning. In the coming weeks, Autodesk is giving you the opportunity to do just that through these four meetups. 

So, don’t miss your chance to network with your peers and further your career. Register for these meetups today. 

See you there!

Stephanie Graham

Stephanie Graham

Customer Marketing at Autodesk

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