Why Subcontractors Should Do Takeoffs in the Cloud  

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Have you ever had to do a takeoff, and then sighed while opening your printed blueprint and complicated Excel spreadsheet? Or wasted time while tracking down the right files and printing out what you need, only to have to do the whole thing over again when the plans inevitably change?  

Everyone in construction knows that an accurate takeoff is vital for decision-making and protecting your bottom line from budget overruns, but most builders are still doing takeoffs by hand or using outdated, siloed technology. This makes takeoffs a long, slow process with a lot of potential for errors. Forward-thinking companies are switching to tech-first solutions that reduce the risk for errors, and aid in the faster completion of takeoffs. What kind of tech solutions? They’re doing takeoffs in the cloud.  

Securely access the cloud from anywhere 

By using cloud technology, your software, data, or network is delivered to through the internet. That means anyone has access the software or information whenever they have an online connection, without needing to download large files onto their computer or phone.  

When takeoffs live in the cloud, it means anyone can easily access their takeoffs at any time, so long as they are connected to the internet. Estimators can make changes on the fly, whether they’re in the office or not.   

Any team can work more collaboratively

With a cloud-based takeoff, only one file is edited by many people, effectively creating a single source of truth. Automatic syncing guarantees takeoffs are up to date, and autosave means no progress gets lost.  

These advantages are key to ensuring every estimator is working together, and not creating duplicative work on different personal versions of the same file. It also means new drawings and documents from the general contractor can easily be shared to everyone at a subcontractor firm. Cloud technology makes collaboration easy and intuitive with every team member and stakeholder.   

Software that’s easy to use and easy to manage

Cloud software is easy to manage—because there’s no managing to do. Feature updates happen automatically, without downloading licenses, or software. Cloud-based products are always be up-to-date and ready to use.  

Cloud-based takeoffs are the new, better way to work

The cloud opens the door to deeper collaboration, helps any estimator work more effectively, and eliminates the headaches of using license-based tools. Subcontractors all over are turning to cloud technology to help them make takeoffs faster and more easily than ever before.  

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Christina Hu

Copywriter, Autodesk Construction Solutions

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