Autodesk University: 8 Must-See Sessions for Project Managers

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If you’ve not yet heard, registration for Autodesk University is now open! November 17-20 is your chance to learn, grow and gain crucial insights into the construction industry, emerging technologies, and project management within this industry. These sessions are all about reimagining what is possible—because with the latest technologies, more is now possible than ever before.

Over the course of the week, hundreds of classes will be available, both on-demand and live options. This year’s event is a new virtual experience, too, and best of all, it is free for everyone to attend. There is something for everyone here—project managers, architects, designers and construction professionals of all types. Be sure to register because at Autodesk University, you will find so many opportunities to learn.

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What You Can Learn About Project Management at Autodesk University

Autodesk University brings to you the most up to date information about new technologies and strategies within the industry. If you’re a project manager, this means that at AU, you can level up your learning and forward your career. Session topics include cost control, how to get the most out of data and analytics, ways to refine workflows, new developments with Autodesk Construction Cloud and more.

It’s no secret that project managers of the future will need to be on the cutting edge of technology and innovation to remain competitive—and AU is your way to get a leg up on the latest within the industry.

Wondering which sessions to attend? You can pick and choose from among hundreds of options, but we have also curated our top picks for the sessions that will help you learn more about the future of project management.

Note this current session list is a preview only and is not comprehensive. Check our full list here

The Top Sessions for Project Management at AU 2020

The Future of Construction Project Management

Speaker: Cara Wilczynski, Customer Success Manager, Autodesk

The construction industry has experienced rapid change over the last decade with the entire supply chain beginning to digitize critical processes and workflows. This is paired with the use of emerging technologies on the jobsite, too. Now that new technology and innovative practices are becoming the norm, what does the future of construction project management—and more importantly, the role of the project manager—look like?

This session will explore a variety of topics, including how digitization is driving us to rethink the role of construction managers, how upcoming technologies and trends may affect your business, and some of the methodologies for implementing different types of technology. We will discuss how digitization is improving the way we work, the balance between foundational platforms and point solutions, and some of the upcoming technologies that should be on your radar so that you can create a road map for the future.

How to Exceed Owner Expectations during Project Closeout

Speaker: Satyam Verma, Senior Associate, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, Autodesk

Project closeout is the most visible and memorable part of a project to ownership, but it is often relegated to the back burner by project teams (including trades) that have already moved on to a new project. Valuable partnerships can quickly sour when project turnover goes poorly. In this session, you’ll learn the keys to building trust between a general contractor and a project owner, how the challenges facing each relate to that relationship, and how to overcome them to transform closeout into a source of value rather than a weak point in the project timeline.

BIM 360 with BAM Construction: Standardization, Digital Transformation, and the Power of Data!

Speaker: Duncan Alexander, Digital Construction Manager, BAM Construct UK

Join Duncan Alexander, digital construction manager on BAM Construct UK’s journey with BIM 360 software. His passion is to lead the digital transformation within BAM Construct UK to make the firm a leader in the construction industry. Listen in, and you’ll gain the benefit of his experience. As a leader of the UK Digital Construction Team, he has helped achieve the firm’s digital business objectives by embedding process and technology through preconstruction to delivery on-site. He has also standardized digital solutions like BIM 360 Field (Classic) software in projects and business systems in an easily understood, jargon-free way that has driven the firm’s predictable performance. There are many insights to be had here—and attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the lessons he has learned.

How Technology and Insurance are Shaping Construction Risk Management

Speaker: Kyle McGee, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Autodesk

What does the future of construction risk management look like? The industry is changing quickly, and technology is leading the charge. These days, general contractors are using data to inform their decisions and reduce unexpected project changes, and because of that, risk management is now a much more strategic part of the business model. Today, technology and insurance projects are being paired to bring new and impactful advantages to your risk management strategy.

In this session, you’ll see how to make sure your company is investing in good subcontractor qualification practices, learn about risk mitigation planning, site safety, and you’ll see how to identify the best insurance approach for your type of work.

Field and Project Management with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Speaker: John Sanner, Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Every construction project team needs the right tools to support key workflows, including QA/QC, safety, RFIs, and cost and progress. Today, teams use several different tools and techniques for these things—and that comes with risks like poor information access, lack of connectivity, and poor collaboration between the office and the field using tools that are built for ether office workers on laptops or field workers on mobile devices, not both.

Autodesk Construction Cloud aims to solve these challenges by enabling connectivity across a project. This session will show you the product roadmap for field and project management tools in the Autodesk Construction Clouds. You’ll see the benefits of working within a single platform, you’ll have a chance to speak with the Autodesk team and provide your own input on the roadmap, and you’ll get to see the timing of upcoming Construction Cloud updates.

Redefining Project Handover & Closeout

Speaker: Aditya Thakur, Senior Group Product Manager, Lifecycle Data Management, Autodesk 

For clients and contractors, the commissioning and turnover process can be stressful, expensive, and long. Join this session to explore practical case studies and best practices on how the industry is reducing the schedule for commissioning and transferring data to owners. This is an important part of the process, and the insights you gain here will help you to create stronger relationships.

Tracking Assets and Equipment in BIM 360

Speaker: Krystian Macek, Senior Product Manager, Autodesk

Construction teams need ways for the data surrounding an asset—like equipment, for example—to flow seamlessly through the design process all the way to handover and operations. This session will explore how BIM 360 can be used to track key milestones throughout an asset’s lifespan, from design and fabrication, through delivery, installation, commissioning and ultimately, handover. You will also learn about workflows around building, commissioning and creating repositories for asset related documentation including cut sheets and warranty documents. Join to learn how to set up assets for field tracking, how to create and assign barcodes, how to track issues with assets and assign them to the appropriate teams for resolution, and how to fill out tests and inspections during the asset’s lifecycle.

Behind the Numbers: How We Can Improve Construction’s KPIs

Speaker: Matt Keen, Sr. Industry Strategist, Autodesk

There is a perception problem within the construction industry. It’s one of the industries that appears near the bottom of the list when speaking of productivity, investment into research and development, and on industries that young people want to join. Each company looks to improve its performance year over year, and this gradual improvement has helped workers come home safely every day, incrementally reducing risk along the way. This session will explore key performance indicators (KPIs) within the industry—and explore whether these are the correct KPIs to watch in a rapidly changing industry. 

How can we improve performance to hit short term and long-term business goals? Find out in this session, where we look at the KPIs that really make a difference to your goals, learn how to differentiate between leading and lagging metrics, and how you can impact them and incentivize your workforce to improve on them.

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