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New Product Highlights from Autodesk Construction Cloud 

Like a building, the strength of a construction firm lies in its foundation. For forward-thinking firms, the cornerstone of its foundation is now digital.   

While nearly every construction company today is using technology, a lack of integration and fragmentation between the different adopted solutions is proliferating miscommunications, errors, and rework. Companies’ digital foundations have been compromised – and Autodesk is bringing in reinforcements. 

Today we launched Autodesk Construction Cloud. We’ve re-imagined construction and made our software more integrated, powerful, and flexible. Autodesk Construction Cloud empowers firms to build their digital construction foundation with best-of-breed technology across the entire construction lifecycle – from design through operations. 

While we announced Autodesk Construction Cloud today, our teams have been hard at work behind-the-scenes rolling out integrations and enhancements to our construction products that you already rely on to support your workflows: Assemble, BuildingConnected, BIM 360, and PlanGrid.   

This week, we’re unveiling more than 50 new enhancements across all products, rolling out over the next couple weeks, making our comprehensive portfolio of construction management products even better. We’re highlighting the most exciting and high-level updates below. Scroll on (or use the table of contents) to learn more about the new capabilities that promote efficiency and connection across the building lifecycle.   



BIM 360 



  • Enhanced Management of Properties: Assemble users can now import properties and create and import property groupings from existing projects resulting in increased time savings when starting a new project. 
  • Expanded Support for Autodesk Design Solutions: Assemble users can now publish from the latest version of AutoCAD, Revit, and Navisworks, providing teams with support for an increasing number of file formats and access to multidisciplinary design data. 


BuildingConnected and Assemble product announcements

  • 2D Quantity Take-off: BuildingConnected Bid Board Pro users can now quantify 2D views, enabling estimators to eliminate costly errors and significantly reduce their takeoff time by more accurate proposals.  
  • Automated Backlog Sync: BuildingConnected TradeTapp now enables general contractors to automate backlog syncing with ERP and accounting systems, speeding up the subcontractor qualification process, and improving risk analysis. 

More resources: For a deep dive on all of the latest design and planning updates, head over to the BuildingConnected blog. 

BIM 360

  • Design Risk Management: BIM 360 now utilizes Construction IQ’s machine learning capabilities to support the design review process to easily identify and predict design and constructability issues earlier to reduce and avoid costly RFIs. 
  • RFIs on Mobile: BIM 360 users can now quickly create and search RFIs directly from the BIM 360 iOS mobile app, accelerating the RFI process and connecting the workflow between the office and the field. 
  • New Standard Attributes & Enhanced RFI Email: BIM 360 users can now see more details in RFI notification emails and use new standard attributes to help to identify, prioritize, and track RFIs that have the biggest potential impact.
  • Constructability Review Enhancements: BIM 360 Coordinate module now allows users to review saved views across multiple models and create and track any BIM 360 issue against a view. Users can identify constructability concerns earlier in the project lifecycle, beyond just identified clashes. 
  • Cost Management Workflow Enhancements: BIM 360 Cost Management module now includes the addition of selectable workflow-based actions, enhanced Supplier Change Order generation, fundamental forecasting capabilities, as well as the ability to customize tab naming.
  • Document Collaboration Enhancements: BIM 360 Document Management module now enables users to quickly move project files or document folders, markup drawings with the user-friendly markup callout arrow tool, deep zoom into PDFs, snap to lines when using the measuring tool, and more. 
  • Analytics & Reporting Enhancements: A new Inspection Risk Card is now available as part of Construction IQ to surface high-risk issues likely to cause a failed inspection. Additionally, over 17 new partner cards are added to the Card Library and reporting enhancements include localized reports in nine different languages and issue pushpin thumbnails on reports.
  • Pending User Assignments: BIM 360 now let’s Project Admins assign permissions directly when adding a new user, rather than having to wait for new users to authenticate their access. 
  • Integration Cards: BIM 360 now offers integration cards through Insight and Project Home modules for Assemble and BIM 360 Plan. With these cards, users now have the ability to view more relevant project information from one centralized location.

More resources: For a deep dive on all of the latest build and operate updates from BIM 360, head over to the Connect & Construct blog.


PlanGrid Product Announcements

  • Custom Forms: PlanGrid users can now easily build customizable native Field Reports, including daily reports, safety forms, QA/QC checklists, and timesheets from any smart device to collect critical information needed to track project progress. Dynamic and built for mobile, these forms are easily fillable from any device, including iOS and Android phones.  
  • Videos: PlanGrid users can now capture, upload, view, and export videos directly within the app to provide rich information at the jobsite, sharing video commentary, and enabling project teams to pinpoint exactly where work is needed. All videos are uploaded to the cloud for immediate access for the entire project team. 
  • Photo Enhancements: The PlanGrid Photo Gallery now gives users the ability to take numerous actions at once, including uploading multiple photos at once and bulk selecting photos to create a consolidated photo report. Other PlanGrid photo enhancements include marking up existing photos and the addition of more photo details such as who took the photo, the date and timestamp, and the photo location. 
  • BIM Enhancements: PlanGrid’s BIM enhancements include enabling BIM data in the field for Windows and Android apps, in addition to the pre-existing iOS and Web support. Now, no matter the device, GC’s and subcontractors can seamlessly navigate between 2D and 3D views, and tap on objects to easily and quickly reference object details. 
  • Progress Milestone Dashboard: PlanGrid users can now easily add custom project milestone dates like project kick-off, equipment installations, punchlists, and completion deadlines as part of the new Progress Milestones dashboard in the Project Hub home page.

More resources: For a deep dive on all of the latest build and operate updates from PlanGrid, head over to the PlanGrid blog.

Build Your Own Digital Construction Foundation 

With Autodesk Construction Cloud, construction companies can build and strengthen their own digital foundations. If you’re interested in learning more about the connected technology or any of our product updates listed above, learn more here.

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AVP, Autodesk Construction Solutions

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