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25 New Product Updates for Autodesk Construction Cloud

autodesk construction cloud product updates for september 2020 new

See What’s New from PlanGrid, BIM 360, and BuildingConnected in September

Every product change we make in Autodesk Construction Cloud is rooted in customer feedback. Whether it’s updates to help our users customize and standardize their workflows or new integrations to connect data and processes, our customers’ needs are always our top priority.

This month, we are excited to announce 25 product enhancements across PlanGrid, BIM 360, and BuildingConnected. From highly requested features to new ways to reduce project risk, dig into all of the latest product updates for Autodesk Construction Cloud in September.


BIM 360:

BuildingConnected Pro:

Bid Board Pro:



Custom Photo Tags

Thanks to the new photo tagging capability PlanGrid users can truly leverage the power of photos in sharing information. Team members can create photo tags and add those to any photos uploaded to PlanGrid. Teams can decide what tagging logic they want to use to best capture the information and create the photo tags for their project accordingly. Furthermore, users can also search the gallery based on tags which will make finding a specific photo or video a lot faster.

Custom Sheet Ordering

With construction drawings sets including drawings from all major trades such as electrical and plumbing, it’s critical teams can find the right sheets quickly. Rolling out this week, PlanGrid’s Custom Sheet Ordering tool enables easy customization and management of your sheets for effective document management, and quick finding across all devices.

Copy Field Report Templates Across Projects

Users can now easily copy over a field report template to another project. Thanks to this feature admins no longer need to recreate templates and have more opportunity to standardize field reports across projects.

Signatures on Native Field Reports

Native templates can now support signatures. Signatures have a date and an option to add a note. Admins can also make them required and can specify who needs to sign. This feature will also allow users to use the co-editing field report collaboration setting for signature required forms as well.

Learn more about all the latest PlanGrid updates in our blog here.

BIM 360

RFI Risk Factor Card

Harnessing the machine learning capabilities of Construction IQ, we are excited to announce the addition of the RFI Risk Factor card to the BIM 360 Insight module. The new RFI Risk Factor card leverages Construction IQ to analyze and identify high risk RFI’s and classify root cause. This card surfaces this information by breaking down RFI’s by the following categories; High Risk RFI’s, RFI’s with a root cause in Design Coordination, MEP and Structural RFI’s, RFI’s with a root cause in Documentation Errors, and RFI’s with a root cause in Code Compliance.

Learn more about the RFI Risk Factor Card on our blog here.

Data Connector Enhancement

Released earlier this year, the Data Connector allows teams to export project data with a single click for use in robust business intelligence tools. We have now added a Power BI template for cost data – making viewing data around cost easier with preset template.

Docs Filter Enhancement

In order to make searching and filtering easier in BIM 360 Docs, we have new filters for search results and folders rolling out this week. Users can now find what they’re looking for faster and more efficiently by filtering search results or filtering within a folder. This feature is available for new projects only.

Assets Multi-Level Categorization

As a follow up to the release of the new Assets module in BIM 360, we have an additional enhancement to help improve the overall asset and equipment tracking workflow. With the latest release, admins are able to create category structures with no limits on levels. This allows teams to leverage the standard asset classification structure.

Navisworks Issues Integration

This month, we’re also excited to announce that Navisworks and BIM 360 Model Coordination are joining forces. The Navisworks Issues Integration with BIM 360 Model Coordination brings together coordination and issue tracking workflows, allowing project teams to leverage the best functionality from each product. With the integration, creating issues is bi-directional, meaning users can create and view issues in either Navisworks or BIM 360 Model Coordination. This allows for a hybrid workflow that both enhances existing Navisworks-based processes and empowers Model Coordination users to do more specific clash detection and analysis in Navisworks.

Learn more about the new Navisworks and BIM 360 integration on our blog here.

Views Filter for Clash Matrix

With this BIM 360 Model Coordination update, users can nowfilter the Clash Matrix by views by navigating to the Clash Matrix, choosing “Models,” and selecting a specific view. This enables users to focus coordination on a subset of model content (e.g. level or phase). It also extends to auto-detected clashes, allowing clash review of a specific location.

Model Viewer Filter Enhancement

Now, users can filter their clash list by “Model” in the Model Viewer, saving them time and helping streamline their coordination workflow. From the filter and group panel, select “Clash With” and choose a specific model. This will filter clashes down to only issues associated with that model, allowing users working in larger datasets to focus on specific models/clashes without having to leave the viewer and reselect models to launch.

Multiple Daily Logs

Often one daily log is not enough to capture all the work that has been done on site. Now field users can submit several daily logs for the same day. Teams covering day shifts and night shifts or different areas of the same jobsite no longer need to take the time to consolidate their work into a single daily log. Instead they can choose to submit multiple logs if that’s what best fits their workflows.Thanks to the new calendar view, superintendents can easily select a specific period and quickly review all daily logs submitted within that time frame.

Issue to RFI

To connect the Plan and Build phases of construction, this feature gives users the ability to elevate Issues to RFIs across BIM360. Rolling out in October, with this functionality, users can create an RFI directly from an Issue, reducing duplicate data entry and creating a bi-directional link between the two records.

Drop Pin from Issue View

We know that not all issues are created with the design open but it’s very useful if you can mark the precise location of the issue to make it easier to identify & resolve in the field. For instance, if you create an issue from a checklist item, you now can mark the precise location of the issue by placing an issue push pin on the plan.

Issue Enhancements

Users now can change issue information after the issue was created. They can change the issue type, link a document by placing an issue pushpin on it, or unlink a document from the issue if needed.

Delete a Meeting Record

Project Management Admins and Meeting Organizers now have the ability to delete meetings at the end of a series or standalone records that are no longer necessary.

Cost Management Enhancements

With a focus on usability, new functionality has been released in Cost Management including improvements to Payment Applications and Change Orders. In Payment Applications, users have the ability to auto-approve associated cost applications when approving a budget application and have a summary overview of all cost applications so it’s easy to see current status. For Change Orders, users can create variable markup percentages which can be edited for each change order, and admin users have the ability to configure email notification messages when sending documentation or requesting supplier input.

Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect eSignature Workflows

ACC Connect supports eSignature integrations with DocuSign®, Adobe® Sign, and HelloSign® to facilitate digital signatures and improve project workflow.  With the integration, customers can automatically send documents, contracts, and field reports from BIM 360 and PlanGrid for signing, and automatically upload signed documents back into BIM 360 and PlanGrid when completed. Check out these demo videos of BIM 360 integrating with DocuSign and Adobe Sign.


BuildingConnected Pro

Indirect Costs Enhancements

To help estimators and project managers capture an accurate total cost of a project, the formulas for calculating indirect (or project) costs have been updated. Input new calculation types and rates that you need, whether that’s taking a percentage of specific bid packages or adding unit costs of time and materials (e.g. per day, per sq ft). Easily reorder the different cost sections by dragging and dropping with the cursor.

Bid Board Pro

Bid Board x BC Pro Integration Enhancements

The one-way integration between Bid Board Pro and BuildingConnected Pro has new improvements that make pushing project and bidding information even more powerful and easier to use. Estimators can now create a new project and view the linked project details in the opportunity overview. After publishing a project, they will get notified of any unread messages or files from the client and immediately push new addenda to vendors so they have the most up-to-date information.

Search for Opportunities Enhancement

In Bid Board Pro, users can now quickly find their opportunities by name, number, client, or location in the search bar.

New Opportunity Creation Enhancement

Creating a new opportunity in Bid Board Pro is easier than ever to navigate. Quickly add all the information about the opportunity without leaving the bid board. A sidebar opens for faster invite creation and seamless data entry.


Public Link to Qualify

In TradeTapp, users can copy a public link and insert it on their websites that enables subcontractors to initiate the prequalification process on their own. This reduces the time spent on prequalification by eliminating initial email conversations and giving subcontractors an easy way to begin the prequalification process.

“No Status” Filter for Qualification Status Column

Users will now be able to filter qualification statuses by “No Status.” This will help surface any vendor invites that have not yet been assigned a qualification status.  This feature will be available October 6th.

Record “Request for Corrections” Message in Activity Thread (Formerly ‘Reject Submission’)

When a request for corrections is sent on a subcontractor invite, both the event itself and the contents of the message are now recorded on the Company Review activity thread. This makes the information more readily available to general contractors and eliminates the need for risk teams record it themselves. This feature will be available October 6th.

Kevin Ferguson

Kevin Ferguson, Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk

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